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Board of Review Prep

The final requirements for each rank is the Scoutmaster Conference and the Board of Review.

Once you have all of your other requirements completed and signed off, you will need to schedule a Scoutmaster conference with either the Scoutmaster or one of the Assistant Scoutmasters. After your Scoutmaster conference is complete, it is time to begin planning for your Board of Review.

The first step is to contact the Troop Treasurer and request a financial statement for your current scout account. In order to have a Board of Review, you need to make sure you do not have any outstanding balances with the Troop.

After you receive your financial statement, you need to contact the Troop Advancement Chair and request a time when you can do your Board of Review. Keep in mind that it could take a couple weeks before you can have your Board of Review so be sure to plan ahead. Be prepared and do not wait until the last minute!

Important: When contacting adults in the Troop, make sure that you copy an additional adult, such as one of your parents, on any messages that are sent. It is important to follow Youth Protection Training in two-deep leadership.

© 2023 Troop 1114 | Magnolia, TX - Boy Scouts of America
© 2023 Troop 1114 | Magnolia, TX - Boy Scouts of America