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Merit Badges

Merit Badges

On a scout’s journey to Eagle, they will need to collect a minimum of 21 merit badges. 13 of these will have a silver ring around them. This indicates that they are specific to earn Eagle rank. Additionally, they will need 8 green-ringed badges. They have the option to choose those extra from over 100 more options.

Important: You must have a blue card before starting a new merit badge. To find more information on blue cards, Click Here.

The following merit badges are specific to earning the Eagle rank.

First Aid

First Aid Pamphlet   First Aid Workbook

Citizenship in the Community

Citizenship in the Community Pamphlet  Citizenship in the Community Workbook

Citizenship in the Nation

Citizenship in the Nation Pamphlet  Citizenship in the Nation Workbook

Citizenship in the World

Citizenship in the World Pamphlet   Citizenship in the World Workbook

Citizenship in Society

Citizenship in Society Pamphlet   Citizenship in Society Workbook


Communication Pamphlet   Communication Workbook


Cooking Pamphlet   Cooking Workbook

Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness Pamphlet   Personal Fitness Workbook

Personal Management

Personal Management Pamphlet   Personal Management Workbook


Camping Pamphlet   Camping Workbook

Family Life

Family Life Pamphlet   Family Life Workbook

Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving

Emergency Preparedness Pamphlet   Emergency Preparedness Workbook

Lifesaving Pamphlet   Lifesaving Workbook

Environmental Science or Sustainability

Environmental Science Pamphlet   Environmental Science Workbook

Sustainability Pamphlet   Sustainability Workbook

Swimming, Hiking, or Cycling

 Swimming Pamphlet   Swimming Workbook

Hiking Pamphlet   Hiking Workbook

Cycling Pamphlet   Cycling Workbook

The following are some, but not all, of the options for additional merit badges.

Animal Science

Animal Science Pamphlet   Animal Science Workbook


Archery Pamphlet   Archery Workbook


Astronomy Pamphlet   Astronomy Workbook


Aviation Pamphlet   Aviation Workbook


Chess Pamphlet   Chess Workbook


Climbing Pamphlet   Climbing Workbook

Digital Technology

Digital Technology Pamphlet   Digital Technology Workbook


Electronics Pamphlet   Electronics Workbook


Fishing Pamphlet   Fishing Workbook

Game Design

Game Design Pamphlet   Game Design Workbook


Motorboating Pamphlet   Motorboating Workbook

Rifle Shooting

Rifle Shooting Pamphlet   Rifle Shooting Workbook

Space Exploration

Space Exploration Pamphlet   Space Exploration Workbook

Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival Pamphlet   Wilderness Survival Workbook


See the full list of Merit Badges at

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© 2023 Troop 1114 | Magnolia, TX - Boy Scouts of America