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Blue Cards

One thing that every Scout needs when pursuing a merit badge is a Blue Card. The Blue Card is formally known as The Application For Merit Badge. It is an official Boy Scouts of America document that serves as a record of progress toward completion of a merit badge.

When you decide that you want to attempt to earn a Merit Badge, you can either print a Blue Card or request one from the Scoutmaster. You can Click Here for a printable Blue Card.






Once you have a Blue Card (image provided), you must fill out the sections that are boxed in red. After you have filled that out, you must bring it to the Scoutmaster for approval. If the Scoutmaster approves for you to take the Merit Badge, he will sign in the green box.






IMPORTANT: You need to have your Scoutmaster sign off on the Merit Badge PRIOR to you pursuing the badge. If you are planning on attending different events such as Merit Badge University, please make sure to plan ahead and get your Blue Cards approved in advance. A Scout is always prepared!

EXCEPTIONS: You will not need a Blue Card for Summer Camp or Winter Camp.

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© 2023 Troop 1114 | Magnolia, TX - Boy Scouts of America